Glx-games Showcases it's 5G AAA Cloud Game Streaming Pilot

Glx-games successfully completes pilot showcase at Singtel, Ericsson & Singapore Polytechnic’s 5G Garage in Singapore.

Glx-games recently showcased its GalaxyGameCloud technology innovation at 5G Garage, Singapore’s only live 5G facility opened by Singtel, Ericsson and Singapore Polytechnic. The 5G Garage is connected to Singtel’s latest pilot 5G network located at Ayer Rajah. It aims to serve as a training centre, test bed and ideation lab to develop Singapore’s 5G ecosystem and drive the adoption of 5G by enterprises in their digital transformations.

„Glx-games successfully completes pilot showcase at Singtel, Ericsson & Singapore Polytechnic’s 5G Garage in Singapore.”

Robin Tan

Glx-games’s technology innovation showcase was a success, enabling a seamless, lag-free and high-quality game streaming experience, which affirms the robustness and capability of Glx-games’s technology. It also reflects the potential of 5G to transform the e-sports and gaming world in mobile environments, with hardware and heavy downloads becoming a thing of the past. The demonstration was enhanced with 5G connectivity running on Singtel’s network.

According to the latest Ericsson Mobility Report, 5G is slated to be the fastest generation of cellular technology to be rolled out on a global scale. With ultra-fast connectivity speeds and low latency rates, 5G is set to transform industries such as transportation, logistics, healthcare and manufacturing, and enable a future of smart cities, autonomous vehicles and Artificial Intelligence.

The GalaxyGameCloud technology is not exclusively reliant on 5G networks and also works on 4G networks, because it is designed for accessibility due to its compression algorithm. However, the cases in which these types of technology are used are predominately fiber-to-home or centrally-fixed internet connection areas.

With this successful demonstration in place, GalaxyGameCloud is set for global expansion into three identified markets in 2019 - Cloud Gaming, 5G Game Streaming and eSports Tournaments.